SEO False Promises

During the 8 years I spent marketing in the corporate sector I managed a number of SEO vendors. Some of my employers had online reputation issues and wanted to push down negative articles  while others were small software resellers who simply wanted to rank higher. None of the vendors I worked with delivered results. In fact, one vendor used questionable tactics that got our URL banned by Google and Facebook. Here are a few false promises regularly made by SEO firms:

Guaranteed Rankings

It’s impossible to guarantee your site’s rankings. Google changes its algorithms regularly and keeps its ranking system secret. Since no one knows exactly how Google ranks sites it’s simply not possible to guarantee results.

Exclusive RElationship with Google

Google does not have a partnership program for SEO companies nor do they allow personal or professional contacts to influence rank. There is no way for these companies to influence Google outside of building good websites with great content.

We Know the Google algorithms

As stated above, Google updates its algorithms regularly and no one knows how websites rank. Google has revealed some of the criteria it considers relevant, but the weight used to rank sites is proprietary. No one knows the exact science Google uses.

Quick Results

Nothing happens overnight. Google crawlers search your website about once a month so anyone who promises faster can’t deliver. True SEO isn’t magic, it needs time to take effect.

So, What’s the truth?

Crafting a good website is the only SEO you really need. Ensuring you use relevant content that’s easy to navigate will attract your audience. Our team of writers and designers can make an awesome website that Google will love. Let’s talk to discuss more.