5 Inexpensive Marketing Tactics That Work

Marketing your business doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few helpful tips that any business owner can implement regardless of their budget.

Always Carry Business Cards

You never know when you’ll encounter a prospective customer or business partner so always be prepared. Having cards on hand shows professionalism and makes it easy for others to contact you. Our team can design business cards that will impress your next lead.

Use Social Media

Some of my first clients came from my existing professional and social networks. Make others aware of what you’re working on and share your accomplishments using LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes it’s ok to brag.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Despite what you might think, email marketing isn’t dead. Update your clients and partners on your recent projects and latest news using simple tools such as MailChimp. This will keep you top of mind the next time your services are needed. Remember, existing clients are your greatest lead source.

Start Writing

Make sure others know you are an expert in your field through regular blogging. Anyone can call themself but by sharing your knowledge you’re proving it. People turn to those they trust so become a trusted expert.

Work with other small businesses

Working with like-minded small or local businesses can lead to repeat referrals and discounted rates. Entrepreneurs have the foresight and flexibility to build mutually beneficial partnerships meaning increased revenues for both parties. Being a small business owner doesn’t mean you have to think small.

Our team can help you build a marketing strategy incorporating these and other affordable tactics. We’ve worked with budgets of all size so we’re confident we can work within yours. Most importantly, marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective!